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Madeline Binder

My name is Jenna and I am Madeline Binder's project manager
for www.super-science-fair-projects.com
1 She was wondering if you are open to the possibility of linking to
the science site because it has over 500 free science fair projects and ideas
as well as step-by-step instructions on how to do a science fair project.
The steps are listed in the menu on all the pages.
2. Examples of free projects and ideas:
3. Also, in the blog she answers all the kids questions within 48 hours.
4. There is a free science fair contest held twice a year where students from
around the world win prizes.
5. Here are examples of projects students have entered in the contest:
6. If you would like a free article for your site on science fair projects we would love to contribute
one. The article would have one link in it to our home page.
7. The link to our site:
Learn how to do science fair projects step-by-step. You will find over 500 free science fair project ideas along with a Parent's Guide and Teacher's Resource page.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Please let us know what you decide.
If you have any questions, don' t hesitate to ask.
Madeline Binder

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Changes resulting from projects often create unusual or difficult situations. These issues should be addressed before the project even begins. How you handle these issues is critical to your project's success. You can't always resolve issues right away, or you might not have the clout or the time to work something out on the fly. Issue tracking ensures that issues are formally addressed and resolved, not swept under the rug or left to fester....

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Hi. I am currently writing a research paper. I assumed the null hypothesis. But of course, I have previous knowledge of the subject. So, I have predictions of what my results might be- in other words- hypotheses. Am I supposed to write these predictions in my paper, or just simply state I am assuming the null hypothesis? Thank you.

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